3S SuperSafetySyringes

3S SuperSafetySyringes is an automatic safety syringe with retractable needle complies with standards ISO 7886-7864. Luer-lock complies with standards ISO 594-2.

Advantages of the 3S SuperSafetySyringes:

  • Could be manufactured in each standard sizes 1ml–2,5/3ml–5ml–10ml
  • It has standard shape and size
  • It’s safe, prevent needle stick injuries
  • Easy to use, no change to injection technique
  • Production costs effective; production facility is completed automated
  • Latex-free

How to use

Once you made the injection, push lightly on the syringes plunger. This action allows the needle to retract itself into the plunger, making 3S SuperSafetySyringes not reusable and avoiding the risk of needle stick injuries. Check out our step by step instructions:
How to use
  1. Check that the hub needle is correctly located onto the syringe.
  2. Use standard technique to draw up medication. Expel air into the vial if necessary.
  3. Inject the medication by pushing the plunger.
  4. Push the plunger to engage the needle safely into the plunger of the syringe. Dispose the complete unit in the sharps bin.

Our production line


In 1994 Tecnedil Srl obtained the patent and developed, in collaboration with Aifin Srl, the manual safety syringe with SecurClik trade mark.

In 1995 Tecnedil Srl begun the construction of first production line of 5ml SecurClik safety syringes.

In 1996 the company made ready the first assembly line and started manufacturing of 5ml SecurClik safety syringes with a production capacity close up to 10,000 pieces/hour.

In 1997 SecurClik syringe obtained T.U.V. certification, EN-ISO-9002-EN-46002 certification and C.E. certification in accordance with CEE42/93 instruction.

In 2001 Tecnedil Srl modified Hungarian Safegard Medical plant that started production of manual safety syringes with SafeGard trade mark.

In 2003 Tecnedil Srl carried on development of safety syringes, focusing on automatic retracting needle safety system. The company filed and obtained worldwide patent PCT WO03/051436A2 for automatic safety syringes.

In 2003 Tecnedil Srl, in collaboration with the egyptian agent Dr. Ehab El-Shalakani, won an International tender in Egypt supported by Vacsera Holding Company for Biological Products and Vaccines in order to manufacture 1ml automatic safety syringes with a production capacity close up 9,500 pieces/hour.

In 2004 Tecnedil Srl started and completed the production line for 1ml automatic safety syringes.